This is a great idea for those extended events when you may desire variation in the entertainment. Our most popular combo choices for weddings include:

1. Piano/violin for the ceremony and cocktail hour with DJ service for the reception.

2. Piano/violin for the ceremony with Jazz Quartet for the cocktail hour. DJ service for the reception with Jazz Quartet for the dinner hour.

These are just two possible combinations for a wedding. Any music style can be combined with the DJ option. Whether it’s classical music, jazz, solo piano, strolling violin, or guitar, any combination can be provided. Feel free to share your ideas with us; our specialty is creating just the right ambience for any occasion.

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Featuring DJ Tony C

Tony C

Combining the spirit of live entertainment and the familiar sounds of popular music, Tony C allows you and your guests to hear the songs they know and love.

Enjoy fantastic “live” performances from a catalogue of thousands of standards, oldies, rock, country and R&B favorites performed by your guests or Tony C himself.

Not into Karaoke?  No problem.  Plan the music venue, start to finish, with a professional DJ entertainer of over 15 years with expert knowledge of music genre from 1940-2011.


Professional DJ, MC, and Vocalist
Perfect audio sound designed specifically for your event and facility
Light it up right! Lighting from basic to ballistic!
LCD or Plasma TV will present your streaming video or slide show